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rubbish ‎(incomptable)

  1. escombraries
    The rubbish is collected every Thursday in Gloucester, but on Wednesdays in Cheltenham.
  2. runa
    He saw the town's one half in rubbish lie.
  3. ximpleria, bestiesa, bajanada, afirmació sense sentit
    Everything the teacher said during that lesson was rubbish. How can she possibly think that a bass viol and a cello are the same thing?
    The spokesman described the Spanish Education Ministry’s announcement as “rubbish”.


rubbish ‎(comparatiu more rubbish, superlatiu most rubbish)

  1. molt dolent, terrible
    This has been a rubbish day, and it's about to get worse: my mother-in-law is coming to stay.



  1. quin desastre, merda, expressant que alguna cosa és molt dolenta
    The one day I actually practice my violin, the teacher cancels the lesson.
    Aw, rubbish! Though at least this means you have time to play football...
  2. ximpleries, expressant que el que s'ha dit és mentida o no té sentit
    Rubbish! I did nothing of the sort!


rubbish ‎(3a persona singular present rubbishes, gerundi rubbishing, passat i participi rubbished)

  1. denunciar, criticar
    It's not very good, but I didn't want to completely rubbish it.