De Viccionari


  • Pronúncia: /ˈæb.d͡ʒɛkt/ àudio (RU) 


abject ‎(comparatiu abjecter o more abject, superlatiu abjectest o most abject)

  1. llastimós, penós, profund, extrem
    70% of people in rural areas of the developing world live in abject poverty
    All international efforts to end the slaughter in the Middle East have ended in abject failure
  2. submís, avergonyit
    French politicians would like an abject apology from Donald Rumsfield for his comments regarding "old Europe"
    Bill Clinton offered an abject apology for the Monica Lewinsky scandal

Notes d'ús[modifica]

Amb el sentit de 'llastimós' o 'profund', aquest adjectiu refereix a coses negatives (per exemple: 'abject poverty', 'abject failure')

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