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Aquesta pàgina conté informació arxivada que s'ha guardat com a referències històriques de Viccionari. Si voleu discutir d'algun dels temes que aquí s'exposen, siusplau feu-ho a La taverna.

Tell us what you think about the automatic links for Wiktionary[modifica]


Birgit Müller (WMDE) 16:44, 7 maig 2018 (CEST)


La Viquipèdia funciona amb hora catalana (CET/CEST), però veig que aquí els canvis recents em surten amb hora UTC. Si no és que és per una configuració meva que tinc malament, no valdria més posar per defecte el Viccionari en hora CET/CEST?--Pere prlpz (discussió) 00:12, 22 maig 2018 (CEST)

@Pere prlpz: Revisa les preferències/aparença/decalatge horari. Amb l’opció de l’hora per defecte del wiki surt CEST. --Vriullop (discussió) 10:06, 22 maig 2018 (CEST)

Lexicographical data is now available on Wikidata[modifica]


Sorry for writing in English. Feel free to translate the content of this message below.

Some members of your community have been interested to be beta-testers of the new project that was just deployed on Wikidata: lexicographical data. Thank you!

The goal of lexicographical data on Wikidata is to provide a structured and machine-readable way to describe words and phrases in multiple languages, stored in a same place, reusable under CC-0. In the future, this data will be available for Wiktionaries and other projects to reuse, as much as you want to.

For now, we’re at the first steps of this project: the new data structure has been released on Wikidata, and we’re looking for people to try it, and give us feedback on what is working or not. Participating in this project is the opportunity for you to have a voice in it, to make sure that your needs and requests are taken in account very early in the process, and to start populating Wikidata with words in your language!

Here’s how you can try lexicographical data on Wikidata:

  • First of all, if you’re not familiar with the data model, I encourage you to have a look at the documentation page. If you’re not familiar with Wikidata at all, I suggest this page as a start point.
  • You can also look at the Lexemes that already exists (search features will be improved in the future).
  • When you feel ready to create a word, go on d:Special:NewLexeme.
  • If some properties that you need are missing, you can suggest them on this page (if you’re not sure how to do it, just let a message on the talk page and someone will help you).
  • The main discussion page is d:Wikidata:Lexicographical data. Here, you can ask for help, suggest ways to organize the data, but also leave feedback: if you encounter any bug or issue, let us know. We’re looking especially to know what are the most important features for you to be worked on next.

In any case, feel free to contact me if you have a question or problem, I’ll be very happy to help.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm about lexicographical data on Wikidata! Cheers, Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (discussió) 13:44, 23 maig 2018 (CEST)

Update on page issues on mobile web[modifica]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 22:58, 12 juny 2018 (CEST)

Global preferences are available[modifica]

21:19, 10 jul 2018 (CEST)

Consultation on the creation of a separate user group for editing sitewide CSS/JS[modifica]

Jo seguiria el mateix criteri que s'està definint a (discussió) 11:59, 12 jul 2018 (CEST)

Tipus de verb en basc[modifica]

En basc hi ha diferents tipus de verb, que els diccionaris distingeixen d'acord amb l'auxiliar amb els que es conjuguen (exemple), i si un verb pot portar auxiliars diferents és amb significats diferents:

  • Verbs da (aproximadament, intransitius)
  • Verbs du (aproximadament, transitius)
  • Verbs zaio (aproximadament, verbs intransitius que duen objecte indirecte)

En cap dels 8 verbs bascos que tenim està marcat el tipus. Quina seria la millor manera de marcar-lo?

Els altres viccionaris no serveixen de guia perquè no he vist que marquin el tipus de verb.--Pere prlpz (discussió) 01:49, 14 jul 2018 (CEST)

@Pere prlpz: Amb la plantilla:lema es pot afegir una etiqueta {{lema|eu|verb|zaio}} o etiqueta-valor enllaçat {{lema|eu|verb|auxiliar|pàgina}} En casos complexos o molt usats en pot crear una plantilla específica {{eu-verb|<tipus>}}. --Vriullop (discussió) 10:04, 14 jul 2018 (CEST)
Ups, si es tracta de diferents traduccions segons el tipus llavors, o a més a més, afegeix davant una marca: # {{marca|eu|tipus zaio}} [[traducció]]. --Vriullop (discussió) 10:11, 14 jul 2018 (CEST)

Proposta sobre els exemples[modifica]

Se'm fa estrany que tractem per igual les frases que fan d'exemple per a termes en català i les que fan d'exemple per a termes en altres idiomes. Proposo que, per distingir-les, les que posem en altres idiomes estiguin en cursiva i les que estan en català entre cometes.--Dafne07 (discussió) 11:18, 19 jul 2018 (CEST)

Les cometes indiquen una citació textual i no és el cas d’exemples creats per l’usuari, siguin en la llengua que sigui. Penso que el problema és més aviat diferenciar exemples de citacions. Crec que és millor seguir en aquest cas el llibre d’estil anglès en:Wiktionary:Example sentences. Posen els exemples en cursiva, per qualsevol llengua, i la traducció en rodona i sense cometes en una nova línia amb un nou sagnat. Puc crear la plantilla en:Template:ux per unificar i facilitar el format. El següent pas seria formatar adequadament les citacions. --Vriullop (discussió) 14:15, 19 jul 2018 (CEST)

New user group for editing sitewide CSS/JS[modifica]

@KRLS: Només som 2 administradors, tu i jo, i només un buròcrata, tu. Si ningú hi té cap inconvenient, i si et sembla bé, crec que tots dos hauríem d’estar en el nou grup. Per a més informació es pot veure w:Tema:Ugknleyquj68je0j. --Vriullop (discussió) 16:44, 30 jul 2018 (CEST)
Estic d'acord en estar el dos. En el fons podem seguir el mateix criteri establert a Viquipèdia, perquè el compliriem.--KRLS (discussió) 09:08, 31 jul 2018 (CEST)
Fet Fet! Afegits els dos com a administradors de la interfície.--KRLS (discussió) 23:03, 3 ago 2018 (CEST)
A favorA favor Suport Per si cal documentar més consens.--Pere prlpz (discussió) 20:29, 7 ago 2018 (CEST)

Wiktionary Cognate Dashboard[modifica]

Editing of sitewide CSS/JS is only possible for interface administrators from now[modifica]

(Si us plau, ajudeu a traduir-ho al vostre idioma)

Hi all,

as announced previously, permission handling for CSS/JS pages has changed: only members of the interface-admin (Administradors de la interfície) group, and a few highly privileged global groups such as stewards, can edit CSS/JS pages that they do not own (that is, any page ending with .css or .js that is either in the MediaWiki: namespace or is another user's user subpage). This is done to improve the security of readers and editors of Wikimedia projects. More information is available at Creation of separate user group for editing sitewide CSS/JS. If you encounter any unexpected problems, please contact me or file a bug.

Tgr (talk) 14:39, 27 ago 2018 (CEST) (via global message delivery)

Read-only mode for up to an hour on 12 September and 10 October[modifica]

15:33, 6 set 2018 (CEST)

Reminder: No editing for up to an hour on 10 October[modifica]

14:03, 4 oct 2018 (CEST)

The Community Wishlist Survey[modifica]

12:05, 30 oct 2018 (CET)

Change coming to how certain templates will appear on the mobile web[modifica]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 20:34, 13 nov 2018 (CET)

Community Wishlist Survey vote[modifica]

19:13, 22 nov 2018 (CET)

Advanced Search[modifica]

Johanna Strodt (WMDE) (talk) 11:57, 26 nov 2018 (CET)

New Wikimedia password policy and requirements[modifica]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 21:02, 6 des 2018 (CET)

Selection of the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group representative to the Wikimedia Summit 2019[modifica]

Dear all,

Sorry for posting this message in English and last minute notification. The Tremendous Wiktionary User Group could send one representative to the Wikimedia Summit 2019 (formerly "Wikimedia Conference"). The Wikimedia Summit is an yearly conference of all organizations affiliated to the Wikimedia Movement (including our Tremendous Wiktionary User Group). It is a great place to talk about Wiktionary needs to the chapters and other user groups that compose the Wikimedia movement.

For context, there is a short report on what happened last year. The deadline is very close to 24 hrs. The last date for registration is 17 December 2018. As a last minute effort, there is a page on meta to decide who will be the representative of the user group to the Wikimedia Summit created.

Please feel free to ask any question on the wiktionary-l mailing list or on the talk page.

For the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group, -- Balajijagadesh 06:56, 16 des 2018 (CET)

Invitation from Wiki Loves Love 2019[modifica]

Si us plau, ajudeu a traduir-ho al vostre idioma

WLL Subtitled Logo (transparent).svg

Love is an important subject for humanity and it is expressed in different cultures and regions in different ways across the world through different gestures, ceremonies, festivals and to document expression of this rich and beautiful emotion, we need your help so we can share and spread the depth of cultures that each region has, the best of how people of that region, celebrate love.

Wiki Loves Love (WLL) is an international photography competition of Wikimedia Commons with the subject love testimonials happening in the month of February.

The primary goal of the competition is to document love testimonials through human cultural diversity such as monuments, ceremonies, snapshot of tender gesture, and miscellaneous objects used as symbol of love; to illustrate articles in the worldwide free encyclopedia Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) projects.

The theme of 2019 iteration is Celebrations, Festivals, Ceremonies and rituals of love.

Sign up your affiliate or individually at Participants page.

To know more about the contest, check out our Commons Page and FAQs

There are several prizes to grab. Hope to see you spreading love this February with Wiki Loves Love!

Kind regards,

Wiki Loves Love Team

Imagine... the sum of all love!

--MediaWiki message delivery (discussió) 11:12, 27 des 2018 (CET)