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m (writing user page)
Here, user "Interwicket" will add links to the English Wiktionary at the same time as it adds
a link from the English entry to the entry here. If it knows of other links to be added or removed
it will also do that.
* If user "Interwicket" is blocked here, it will not edit (of course)
because of this limit.
:Discussion page for Interwicket is [[:en:User talk:Interwicket]].
:Code is at [[:en:User:Interwicket/code]].
My:Status, talknumber pageof isedits, etc for each wikt at [[:en:User talk:RobertInterwicket/FL Ullmannstatus]].
:My talk page is [[:en:User talk:Robert Ullmann]].
Finally, my sincere apologies for writing this message only in English!


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